K-Block for Kids

Children and young people will get better care in the purpose-built K-Block wards on level 6 delivered by the $689 million RHH Redevelopment.

Proceeds from this year’s Give Me 5 For Kids (GM5FK) fundraiser will also help make their experience in hospital better.

With the generous assistance of GM5FK, level 6 wards will have an interior design that will be friendly, fun and calming.

It will help children enjoy their stay at a time which can otherwise by a stressful, frightening and lonely experience.

The wards will have an Antarctic-theme recognising Hobart’s pivotal role as Australia’s gateway to Antarctica and Southern Oceans.

Funds raised will support a bespoke design for the entrance to the wards.

An Antarctic voyage map etched into the foyer’s walls will immediately set the ward apart as a destination and provide a parallel for the patient journey as an adventure.

A soothing installation will light the public lobby with back-lit Perspex fins in the colours of the Aurora Australis (southern lights).

You can experience the foyer design with a virtual tour by visiting the ‘Roundme’ website or down load the ‘Roundme’ app.

The foyer design features will complement custom designed bedheads featuring Antarctic images and themed outside terraces.

Hospitals around the world recognise the critical role of art and design in alleviating stress often associated with inpatient treatment.

Level 6 of K-Block will provide a 24-bed children’s ward and a 16-bed adolescents’ ward with two safe rooms with their own internal and external recreational space for vulnerable young people There will also be an inpatient school, allied health therapy room, secure outside garden terrace, more patient and family-friendly areas.

The RHH and the Australian Antarctic Division are also working together on extending the Antarctic-theme into diversional therapy and education for children and young people in hospital.

The Adolescents’ unit is the first dedicated ward for young people in Tasmania.

Adolescents’ unit, level 6 West         https://roundme.com/tour/218556/view/608536/

Children’s unit level 6 East                 https://roundme.com/tour/403272/view/1402834/

29 May 2019

Level 6 Lobby North Elevation