Tasmanians on the Redevelopment Job

The $689 million RHH Redevelopment is delivering jobs as Tasmanians build our new state-of-the-art health facility.

Electrona company, The Precasters Pty Ltd, has been awarded the $4.6 million subcontract for the supply of precast concrete façade panels and shell beams for K-Block.

This local business will employ more workers so they can deliver component parts of K-Block’s exterior and superstructure.

The RHH Redevelopment subcontract will make a positive difference for local employment opportunities and help build the business.

Two apprentices are already on board and another two to three workers are expected to be recruited as the subcontract moves from drafting to production in coming months.

The Precasters will also invest further in their infrastructure, increasing their casting and storage areas and upgrading their delivery equipment.

Many Tasmanian businesses have been successful in over $110 million in subcontracts awarded in recent months.

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation of K-Block will be delivered by AE Smith Pty Ltd, who has been awarded the $31.7 million subcontract for mechanical services.

Duggans Pty Ltd has been awarded the $3.55 million subcontract for the supply of precast concrete walls, core panels and columns for the K-Block structure.

Launceston firm, Crisp Brothers and Haywards Pty Ltd, have been successful in the $3.84 million subcontract for the delivery of sunshades and screens for the K-Block façade and the $1.2 million subcontract for structural and secondary steel.

Medical gases such as the supply of oxygen for resuscitation and nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas’) as an anaesthetic and pain relief will be installed by BOC Ltd under a $3 million subcontract.

Stephen Little Constructions Pty Ltd has been awarded the $19.5 million for concrete superstructure works.

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd have been awarded the subcontract for concrete supply and testing services for supply by an agreed schedule of rates.

The Precasters Pty Ltd has also supplied Hazell Brothers with precast concrete for their in-ground works subcontract for the RHH Redevelopment.

The Precasters Pty Ltd has been operating for almost 20 years and employ over 20 people from the Channel and nearby area.

The construction of K-Block is creating jobs and providing opportunities for local businesses. The total project will generate around $1.6 billion in economic benefit to the State and the Managing Contractor has estimated that K-Block alone will generate 400 direct jobs.

11 Jul 2017