Moving Hospital Services

Information for Royal Hobart Hospital Staff

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Operational commissioning is all the things needed to prepare a new clinical or service area for occupation.

Planning is underway so that hospital processes and systems are ready to support the delivery of patient services in K-Block.

The RHH Redevelopment and each area that will provide services in K-Block will work together to help the move go smoothly.

This information has been prepared so staff know what to expect of the move and detailed information will be available at least six weeks beforehand.

Planning the Move

Planning for the move of each ward or service area into K-Block will happen with input from a range of staff and functional areas. For more information see the fact sheet – Implementing Operational Commissioning. An overview is provided below:

  • Nurse/unit manager and senior project officer RHH Redevelopment meets.
  • Establish cross-functional delivery team.
  • Develop move action plan.
  • Establish ward/service area specific staff working groups.

Who Does What?

The action plan will identify the tasks needed for the move and the person responsible for completing each task. Many tasks are standard for each move.

The Action Plan includes:

  • construction handover
  • planning the actual move
  • infection control assessment and planning
  • communication with staff, patients and other stakeholders
  • staff orientation
  • organising removalists
  • ICT requirements
  • emergency management planning
  • security issues
  • booking medical orderlies
  • equipment audit
  • supply department, pharmacy and PIMS assistance
  • cleaning
  • advising the mail room
  • and more.

Medical orderlies move patients.

Removalists will move furniture and equipment that is required in K-Block.

Representatives from the supply department will move sterile stock.

Staples will move photocopiers.

Security will organise keys and/or swipe cards.

IT Services will assist with the location and set-up of computers and printers.

A move date will be agreed with the stream clinical commissioning group at practical completion of

The New Location

K-Block is a construction site and under the control of the contractor. Access will be arranged at an appropriate time.

Witness testing with key RHHR and RHH representatives.
super-user training.
Practical completionStaff familiarisation and trainingK-Bock occupation

Most staff will have opportunities to see the new area after practical completion and before the moving day. This will be organised by the RHH Redevelopment and the nurse/unit manager.

A seating plan will also be developed for each area beforehand so staff will know the layout of their new area before they move.

Moving Items

There are a few things to know about the move.

Packing boxes and tape will be provided beforehand.

Each item to be moved needs to have the following information written on it –

  • floor and room number
  • staff member’s name and
  • an overview of the contents.

Filing cabinets can be moved with contents intact but the drawers will need to be locked or the drawers taped securely closed.

The contents of bookcases are to be packed in boxes.

All personal and breakable items are to be moved by the owner or the RHH Redevelopment can supply bubble wrap for packing. These items will need to be marked as fragile.

Pictures/whiteboards/notice boards will be moved by a carpenter and installed in the new area.

Computers are not packed in boxes but are labelled with floor, room number and staff member’s name on each item.

Printers are not packed and are labelled with floor, room number, or a staff member’s name.

Building Defects

It is not uncommon to find small defects or things that could be changed, after the new area is occupied.

Staff should let their managers know if this is the case.

If a defect has been found, then the  RHH Redevelopment will work with the builder to rectify it. Other change requests will require approval.


If you have a question about your service moving please talk with your nurse/unit manager.