Introducing Operational Commissioning

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Operational commissioning is the process of preparing a new clinical or service area for occupation.

It includes everything from the review of models of care and designing new business processes to staff induction and stocking of supplies - all the activities that will make sure staff are familiar with their new area and can confidently provide the care patients need across the entire campus.

There are six phases in the RHH Redevelopment operational commissioning framework.

Phase 1 - Establishing the Operational Commissioning FrameworkTo ensure foundation activities for the move to K-Block are complete.
Phase 2 - Planning for the MoveTo ensure plans and human and physical resources are in place to support the operational commissioning of K-Block.
Phase 3 - Preparing to MoveTo ensure staff and K-Block are prepared for the commencement of operations such as familiarising staff with facility operations.
Phase 4 - Getting Ready to MoveTo ensure K-Block is ready for patients.
Phase 5 - Moving DayTo ensure a safe, planned and efficient relocation of patients, staff and equipment.
Phase 6 - OccupancyTo support the successful project handover of K-Block and business as usual.

Operational commissioning starts around 12 months from practical completion.

Practical Completion is when all the project requirements are delivered and the Managing Contractor hands K-Block over to the RHH Redevelopment.

Establishing operational commissioning frameworkPlanning for the move
(Practical completion of K-Block)
Preparing to moveGetting ready to moveMove dayPost-occupancy
Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 6
Up to 12 months prior to move4 months prior to move1 month prior to move1 week prior to moveScheduled move dayUp to 3 months after move
Staff familiarisation, orientation and training

What’s Guiding Operational Commissioning?

A number of principles are guiding how we approach operational commissioning. Here are the top three:

  1. Patient and staff safety is the priority.
  2. RHH Redevelopment will project manage the relocation of wards and services into K-Block.
  3. RHH is responsible for ensuring the move to K-Block is adequately resourced and planned.

What’s Happening in Phase 1?

  • Reviewing and updating documentation – models of care, protocols and business processes.
  • Forming commissioning and delivery teams.
  • Confirming FF&E and ICT requirements.
  • Identifying education and training needs.
  • Workforce planning and change proposals.
  • Recurrent budget analysis.
  • Identifying resourcing requirements for the move.