Short Stay Surgery

The short stay surgery unit provides a new way of delivering services that has been made possible with the RHH Redevelopment. The unit provides more post-operative care options for patients and keeps inpatient beds for more acutely unwell patients and patients with more complex health needs. For patients whose conditions are less acute and less complex, a short stay is appropriate because they only require a short recovery time. Short stay surgery is a contemporary model of care used nationwide.

The modern unit provides eight recovery recliners and four trolley bays and is able to accommodate patients comfortably for up to 36 hours depending on their needs.

Short stay surgery will be part of the new interconnected surgery precinct on the RHH’s fourth floor, that will be established when K-Block is constructed.

The unit co-locates the former high volume short stay unit from 5A and the day of surgery admissions/waiting bay on 4A.

Short Stay Clinical Area
Short Stay Corridor
Short Stay Reception
Short Stay Waiting Area