Phase 3 - K-Block and Early Works

The third phase delivered the inpatient precinct known as K-Block, facilitating increased bed capacity, more operating and procedure rooms and contemporary facilities (Phase 3, 2013-2019).

  • delivered over $50 million in early works which refurbished clinical and administrative areas and safely decanted 125 inpatient beds from the former B-Block
  • completed substantial and unforeseen rectification works including the management of significant latent conditions during the early works
  • procured around $190 million of subcontracted works for K-Block
  • safely and efficiently completed the most difficult works of the build; the demolition of the five-storey inpatient building B-Block and all the associated ground works
  • installed the 66 tonne, multi-place, dual capability hyper/hypobaric chamber
  • procured over $31 million of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E)
  • installed the 27 x 23 metre helipad on the roof and
  • completed the concrete structure, internal fit out and installation of FF&E.

K-Block Ground Floor

KG accommodates the RHH patient arrivals and departures services.

Patients with a planned admission go to K-Block for their initial interview.

K-Block’s expanded Transit Lounge has 12 recliners, four bed spaces, a consulting room and treatment room.

For more information – KG Patient Admissions and Departures.


K-Block Level 2

K2 accommodates the Mental Health Inpatient Unit (MHIU) on K2W and the allied health therapy area and staff lounge on K2E.

K2W has 17-beds and several recreational spaces for patients.

The allied health therapy area includes a physiotherapy gym and kitchen and bathroom for assessments of activities of daily living.

For more information – K-Block Level 2 East Allied health Therapy and Staff Lounge and K-Block Levels 2 and 3 West Mental Health Inpatient Units.


K-Block Level 3

K3 accommodates the Mental Health Inpatient Unit on K3W and the Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine on K3E.

K3W has 16-beds including a high-dependency area with seclusion and de-escalation rooms and several recreational spaces for patients.

K3E has a start-of-the-art, triple-lock, multi-place chamber with capacity to treat 10 patients with hyperbaric oxygen at the same time. The multiplace chamber has been fitted with dual-capability in two compartments to pressurise (hyperbaric) and depressurise (hypobaric). Hypobaric chambers are used for aerospace, or altitude research and training to simulate the effects of high altitude on the body. The dual-capability chamber is a world-class research facility unique in the southern hemisphere and one of just a few globally.

For more information –K-Block Levels 2 and 3 West Mental Health Inpatient Units and K-Block Level 3 East Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.


K-Block Level 4

K4 accommodates new operating and procedure rooms and pre- and post-surgery support areas.

K4W provides a 14-bay holding bay, 25 Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) recovery bays including three isolation bays and 19 Short Stay Surgery (SSS) trolleys (complementing 12 chairs in C-Block).

K4E provides five new operating theatres (increasing capacity at the RHH to 14 theatres), procedure room and angiography suite and cardio catheterisation lab.

For more information – K-Block Level 4 – Operating Theatre Precinct.


K-Block Level 5

K5W is the Central Sterilising Department (CSD). It has been ergonomically designed and includes height adjustable sinks and workstations, improved lighting and new technology. The RHH is the first Australian hospital to use CSD robots.

K5E is the perioperative staff area. It provides a staff room with kitchen facilities and lounge that can be divided by a concertina door providing a space for professional development and meetings.

For more information – K-Block Level 5 Central Sterilising Department and Perioperative Staff Services.


K-Block Level 6

Level 6 is part of K-Block’s women and children’s precinct.

K6W is the RHH’s first dedicated unit for young people with 19-beds including two safe rooms to support the care and management of young people with challenging behaviours. K6W also includes a new Transition to Home Unit available to a baby or child admitted to the RHH who no longer needs an acute care bed but need additional support in hospital.

K6E is the 30-bed children’s unit.

K6 has several indoor and outdoor recreational and play areas, an inpatient school and treatment areas.

For more information – K-Block Level 6 Central Children and Adolescents.


K-Block Level 7

Level 7 has been named the Queen Alexandra Women’s Services in honour of the Queen Alexandra Auxiliary who established and have continued to support Hobart’s dedicated maternity service for more than a century.

K7W includes the 20-bed Maternity and 11-bed Women’s Surgery units.

K7E is the 18-bed Birthing and Pregnancy Assessment unit including seven birthing baths, a first for the RHH.

For more information – K-Block Level 7 Queen Alexandra Women’s Services.


K-Block Level 8

Level 8 accommodates Neurosurgery on K8W and Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care (NPICU) on K8E.

K8W is a 24-bed unit including a six-bed high dependency unit.

K8E is a 28-bed unit including 13 special care nursery bays.

For more information – K-Block Level 8 West Neurosurgery and K-Block Level 8 East NPICU.


K-Block Level 9

Level 9 is the surgical inpatient precinct.

K9W is a 32-bed General and Vascular Surgery unit and K9E is the 33-bed Orthopaedic and Surgical Specialties unit.

For more information – K-Block Level 9 Surgical Inpatient Precinct.


K-Block Level 10

Level 10 is the general and respiratory medicine precinct.

K10W is a 30-bed general and respiratory medicine unit and K10E is a 34-bed general medicine unit providing an inpatient ward for patients coming directly from the Emergency Department.

For more information – K-Block Level 10 – General and Respiratory Medicine Precinct.



Critically injured and ill patients will get to treatment sooner with the RHH’s new $10.5 million helipad.

It now takes just a few minutes only for the treating team to transfer a patient to the clinical treating area.

The helipad is 23 x 27 metres in size which can accommodate the range of helicopters used in aeromedical retrievals in Australia.

For more information – K-Block Helipad.

Nurses Isel Dabuyan and Erin Whyte 

Acute Dialysis

The new refurbished acute dialysis unit is located on lower ground, J-Block. Read more and view images.

The new acute dialysis unit has six bed bays – four single bed bays and one two- bed bay, reception and nurses’ station and offices.

Read more and view images

Reception area / nurses station - J Block 

General Medicine

The Royal Hobart Hospital’s new two-storey, modern health facility will accommodate patients from Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

Under the RHH Redevelopment’s decanting strategy, the general medicine unit will be the first ward to relocate to the area of the hospital known as J-Block.

Read more and view images

Patient Dining Area - Department of Psychiatry 

Department of Psychiatry

Mental health inpatients will be treated in modern, purpose built wards on levels 2 and 3 of J-Block from Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

The new look Department of Psychiatry provides more patient privacy with wards predominantly configured in single bed rooms.

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Ambulatory Care Reception 

Ambulatory Care Centre

The ambulatory care centre is a nursing based medical day care facility for patients undergoing medical procedures and minor surgical procedures.

The new refurbished unit is now located on level 2, C-Block.

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General and Women's Surgical

General and women's surgical unit is now located on level 2, A-Block, until K-Block is built and general surgery will move to level 9 and women’s surgery will be join the women’s, adolescents’ and children’s precinct on level 7.

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Short Stay Reception 

Short Stay Surgery

A new way of delivering services has been achieved with the RHH Redevelopment.

Short stay surgery provides more post-operative care options for patients.

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Inpatient Oncology Nurses Station 

Inpatient Oncology

A new inpatient ward has been constructed on level 9, A-Block, which will provide long term accommodation for inpatient oncology.

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Medical Specialties New Bed 

Medical Specialties

The medical specialties unit has moved to new accommodation on level 7, A-Block.

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K-Block - Further information to come