General Medicine

The Royal Hobart Hospital’s new two-storey, modern health facility will accommodate patients from Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

Under the RHH Redevelopment’s decanting strategy, the general medicine unit will be the first ward to relocate to the area of the hospital known as J-Block.

The 22-bed general medicine ward is on level 2 of J-Block which is located in the RHH’s Liverpool Street forecourt.

To ensure no reduction in beds, five additional beds were opened on ward 6A to complement the general medicine ward in J-Block.

General medicine has one and two-bed wards for greater patient privacy, a bariatric room that can accommodate patients up to 500 kilograms and a negative-pressure room for infectious diseases.

General medicine provides treatment to conditions such respiratory illness, infections and cardiac conditions for example.

The facility is a critical feature of the decanting plan needed so B-Block can be demolished and the new ten-storey inpatient precinct called K-Block, can be built.

Nurses station showing counter, computer area, shelving and corridor in background
Dirty Utility Room showing large sink, cleaning station and industrial dishwasher
Bariatric room showing hoist and bathroom with bariatric fittings and fixtures
Single ward room showing ensuite
General Medicine Corridor
Single ward room showing fittings and fixtures including nurse call and medical gases panel