Inpatient Oncology

The contemporary new inpatient oncology ward has more single rooms. This provides greater patient privacy and more capacity to provide isolation for patients with additional infection control or immune system needs.

Patients are benefitting from the new physical environment too.  Patient spaces are lighter, brighter and larger.

The design encourages more clinical discussion because doctors and nurses share work areas. The close proximity of inpatient oncology with day chemotherapy on level 8 also encourages more rapid collaboration between health professionals.

The ward provides inpatient care to oncology patients at any point in the cancer journey including at diagnosis, end of life or for complex treatments such as stem cell transplants, chemotherapies or radiotherapy treatments.

Inpatient oncology and iodine treatment are co-located on the new ward, increasing the treatment options available to patients in one location.

Inpatient Oncology Two bed room
Inpatient Oncology Hallway
Inpatient Oncology One Bed Room
Inpatient Oncology Nurses Station