Department of Critical Care Medicine

The $14 million DCCM is part of the Phase 1 of the RHH Redevelopment.

In addition to the current 14 beds, the redevelopment of DCCM has provided:

  • the capacity for 11 additional beds in larger bed bays
  • an external patient area that includes medical gasses and call point
  • a new reception area and
  • staff facilities.

Three key features have already been delivered as part of the Redevelopment:

A new external patient balcony

The safe, private and external patient balcony increases access to natural light and air. This is a key support to families and helps introduce normality to what is a serious and stressful time. Beds can be wheeled to this area which has emergency alarms, medical gases, patient monitors, visual monitor linked to internal staff area.

State of the art monitoring system

Three-armed pendants with keypad are provided in each bed bay. This new technology provides increased access to clinical information at the point of care, reduced risk of trip hazard and improved infection control.

All new bed bays have advanced cardiac and respiratory monitoring which were previously provided to limited bed bays. This improves patient treatment because it streamlines monitoring through one system rather than the three machines previously required.

Better bed bays

The new bed bays are larger than the current bays. The gives much needed space for staff to treat patients in a high tech environment allowing for easier flow around patients and the equipment.

DCCM - demonstration bed space
DCCM - computer in bed space
DCCM - external patient area