Ambulatory Care Centre

The ambulatory care centre is a nursing based medical day care facility for patients undergoing medical procedures and minor surgical procedures.

Level 2, C-Block has been refurbished to create a new clinical area that will provide long term accommodation for the acute ambulatory care centre.

The centre has 14 treatment chairs and 10 beds, a patient waiting area, nurses' station and other clinical and office spaces.

It is a contemporary clinical space, larger than the former centre and providing more privacy for patients.

Treatments provided to patients include blood or iron infusions, pre and post-procedural care, intravenous infusions and antibiotics therapy for example.

The centre provides treatment for between 30 and 40-patients weekdays.

The ambulatory care centre was previously located in the former B-Block and relocated in October 2016.

Ambulatory Care Bed Bays
Ambulatory Care Reception
Ambulatory Care Treatment Chairs
Ambulatory Care Treatment Room