RHH Redevelopment Back on Track

The new $657 million RHH Redevelopment project is underway.

Some early demolition works started Monday, 2 March 2015.

Demolition works are part of the planned refurbishment program over the next 12 months of the Redevelopment project.

These works will create new clinical and office spaces so hospital services can be relocated and the new K-Block constructed.

Major refurbishment works will roll out over coming months.

Packages for major refurbishment works will be procured from March and April.

Refurbishment works will include the remediation of hazardous materials by licensed contractors.

The Rescue Taskforce presented a fully costed decanting plan as part of their report to the Tasmanian Government last year.

B-Block will be fully decanted for demolition before April 2016.

The RHH Redevelopment project is jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments.

28 Apr 2015