Hot Water to New Inpatient Wards

New hot water heat pumps are being installed on the roofs of four hospital buildings, starting 16 May 2015.

New hot water heat pumps will supply new wards refurbished as part of the Redevelopment's decanting plan and maintain supply to existing areas.

Newly refurbished wards that will be supplied include orthopaedic inpatients, iodine therapy, sub-specialty medicine and inpatient oncology wards which will be relocated to new wards in A-Block.

Patient safety and clinical need are central to the Tasmanian Government's decanting plan.

New clinical and office spaces are being refurbished so hospital services can be relocated and B-Block demolished.

This will allow key acute services to remain on site so K-Block can be safely constructed.

The heat pumps will provide efficient, new supply and also replace failing units to the RHH.

The RHH Argyle Street slip lane will be closed on Saturday, 16 May 2015 between 7 am – 12 noon while crane lifts occur.

Installation in June. Please check the public notices in the Mercury newspaper for further information.

Hot water heat pumps will be installed on A, C, D and H-Blocks.

Refurbishment works have already been advertised.

Further construction work packages will be released over coming months.

The RHH Redevelopment is a joint Australian and Tasmanian Government funded initiative.

28 May 2015