Tasmanian Government Takes Possession of K-Block

The Tasmanian Government took possession of K-Block at the Royal Hobart Hospital from contractor John Holland Fairbrother Joint Venture on Tuesday 17 March 2020.

The decision was made after the contractor completed additional works and provided further documentation, and the project team sought independent, expert advice regarding air conditioning noise and water quality issues at some locations in K-Block.

While rectification of minor defects was always anticipated after the achievement of Practical Completion, the water quality and noise were issues of concern that required further investigation and prevented the Government from taking possession.

Based on the additional work undertaken, further documentation received and the expert advice we have received, we are confident that the outstanding water quality and noise issues can be addressed during the three-month operational commissioning phase.

Flushing and testing of the water system will continue during the operational commissioning phase, until compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines has been verified.

Alternative drinking water will be provided to operational commissioning staff and contractors until then.

As previously stated, we will not compromise on staff or patient safety and comfort.

As to the noise associated with the air conditioning system, adjustments will be made to the system and its operation in K-Block. The adjustments will be managed to ensure they do not disrupt operational commissioning activities.

The safety and wellbeing of employees will not be jeopardised by the rectification works.

We will continue to work closely with the builder on the rectification of these outstanding matters during the operational commissioning period.

23 Mar 2020