First Dive for New Hyperbaric Chamber

Two years ago today, the RHH’s new state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber was lifted into K-Block. Today, its first patients, Margaret and Virginia, received treatment.

It was Margaret's first ever dive (see her being fitted with the hyperbaric hood that delivers oxygen).

Virginia is coming to the end of successful treatment after the sudden loss of vision in one eye. She said, ‘I am so thankful for the improvement in my eye. It’s been out of sight!’ (no pun intended).

Corry, hyperbaric technical facilities manager, is seen monitoring the delivery of oxygen to patients at the chamber’s control panel.

Congratulations to the staff of the Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine on this landmark occasion, commissioning the dual capability chamber that will allow more patient treatment, more comfort amenity for patients and more research and teaching capacity.

Read about the installation of the chamber here.

05 May 2020