K-Block Helipad Touchdown

K-Block helipad commissioning is well underway with verification testing of the helipad’s amenity scheduled from 2 pm today.

Project Director, Ben Moloney, said that the Westpac rescue helicopter would conduct test landings and ‘touchdowns’.

“We are pleased to advise the Hobart community that there will be some helicopter movements at the Royal’s helipad today,” Mr Moloney said.

“This is a sign of things to come; aeromedical helicopter retrieval will soon be a routine event at the hospital."

Mr Moloney said that extensive building commissioning was underway which included third party review to confirm K-Block had been built as specified.

“The final stages of K-Block works include literally thousands of tests of equipment and services to ensure they function as safe, efficient, integrated systems.

“Building commissioning is complex and extensive; it is essential to ensuring K-Block is safe and fit-for-purpose,” Mr Moloney said.

Mr Moloney said that the helipad’s fire suppression system was recently verified with the builder, project engineers and a third-party engineering certifier.

“This has allowed us to move to the next stage of helipad commissioning with a similar process to verify helipad’s spring supports and pilot-activated lighting control panel,” Mr Moloney said.

Mr Moloney said that once completed, test flights would soon begin with aeromedical retrieval crews.

05 Nov 2019