Redevelopment Subcontracts Awarded

Progress on the $689 million RHH Redevelopment is full steam ahead with more than $110 million of RHH subcontracts awarded since April 2017.

As scheduled, in ground works including detailed excavations, structural retaining walls and piling works are now progressing.

In conjunction, work on the materials and systems needed for Tasmania’s new state-of-the-art health facility can also begin.

Many Tasmanian businesses have been successful in these tenders.

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation of K-Block will be delivered by AE Smith Pty Ltd, who has been awarded the $31.7 million subcontract for mechanical services.

The Precasters Pty Ltd, has been awarded the $4.6 million subcontract for the supply of precast concrete façade panels and shell beams for K-Block.

Duggans Pty Ltd has been awarded the $3.55 million subcontract for the supply of precast concrete walls, core panels and columns for the K-Block structure.

Launceston firm, Crisp Brothers and Haywards Pty Ltd, have been successful in the $3.84 million subcontract for the delivery of sunshades and screens for the K-Block façade.

Medical gases such as the supply of oxygen for resuscitation and nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas’) as an anaesthetic and pain relief will be installed by BOC Ltd under a $3 million subcontract.

Interstate firm, FIP Electrical (NSW) Pty Ltd has been awarded the $38.57 million subcontract for the extensive electrical services works required to the entire ten-storey inpatient precinct – power, lights, security, nurse call and data.

Siemens Ltd have been awarded the $2.49 million subcontract for building management systems for K-Block. This is the information technology that will control K-Block’s mechanical and electrical services like the fire and security systems.

K-Blocks fire detection and protection system will be delivered under the $5.95 million subcontract to Online Fire & Security Pty Ltd.

The pneumatic tube system that delivers patient specimens from wards to pathology will be supplied by Lamson Healthcare Solutions Pty Ltd with the $780 000 subcontract.

The Tasmanian Government and the RHH Redevelopment are committed to maximising the participation of Tasmanian businesses and workers in the project.

The Redevelopment’s Managing Contractor tendered the works using the Tasmanian Government’s Buy Local Policy.

20 Jun 2017