Temporary Inpatient Facility Update

The 54-bed temporary facility which will house mental health and general medicine patients was installed in the week of 27 February 2016.

As a major construction project, the RHH Redevelopment will face issues during its lifetime. These will be responded to quickly and thoroughly to ensure the safety of patients, staff and all workers on site.

A number of issues with the facility have been identified.  

Mould has been identified in 18 of the modules on level two with no further contamination indicated.

The builder is continuing work to rectify the damage caused by the mould and they have commissioned an industry hygienist to oversee the process.  

This involves removing and replacing all porous materials damaged by water. Non-porous materials are being cleaned to industry standard.

The builder will provide evidence that the facility is free of contamination before it is handed over to the RHH Redevelopment.

Additionally, the RHH Redevelopment has taken action to ensure independent expert advice on the rectification works. This includes working with the hospital's hygienists and infection control staff to review the builder's management of the rectification works and to verify that the building will be safe for use.

The RHH Redevelopment has also engaged an independent industry hygienist to verify that the rectification works are appropriate and once completed, that the building is safe for use.

A number of other non-compliance issues relating to the construction and installation of the facility have also been identified by the builder. These are also being currently rectified.

The RHH Redevelopment will accept possession of the new facility when it is independently verified that it is safe and fit for purpose.

These rectification works are a matter for the builder and their sub-contract arrangements and are occurring at no cost to Government.

28 Apr 2016