New RHH Oncology Ward Opens

As part of the $689 million RHH Redevelopment, the new inpatient oncology ward opened to patients on Thursday, 29 September 2016.

The opening of the oncology ward on Level 9, A-Block, takes the project one step closer to completion and is part of the solution to decant B-Block and provide long term hospital accommodation.

The new ward is a contemporary space for patients and features more single rooms, providing greater patient privacy and space.

The oncology ward provides inpatient care to patients at any point in the cancer journey including at diagnosis, end of life or for complex treatments such as stem cell transplants, chemotherapies or radiotherapy treatments.

Inpatient oncology and iodine treatment is co-located on the ward.

RHH Redevelopment has worked closely with staff to plan the move and additional nursing and non-medical staff were rostered to help it go smoothly.

The ward was opened for scheduled sessions with staff so they could familiarise themselves with the new layout and equipment prior to the move.

Information was made available for patients and families about the move.

03 Oct 2016