What Services are Moving?

RHH main entrance

Many of the Royal Hobart Hospital’s wards and services are moving into K-Block.

Patient safety and comfort remains our priority as we plan the moves of services into
K-Block and the commissioning of areas such as theatres, the helipad and hyperbaric chamber.

The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) and the RHH Redevelopment project are working together on move dates and sequences. Updates will be available here.

Reception C-Block Ground FloorK-Block Ground Floor20 April 2020
Patient AdmissionsC-Block Level 1K-Block Ground Floor21 April 2020
Transit LoungeH-Block Lower GroundK-Block Ground Floor21 April 2020
Assessment and Planning UnitA-Block Level 6K-Block Level 10 East (K10E)23 April 2020
General and Vascular SurgeryA-Block Level 2K-Block Level 9 West (K9W)28 April 2020
Divining and Hyperbaric MedicineF-Block Ground FloorK-Block Level 3 East (K3E)4 May 2020
HelipadNewK-Block Roof6 May 2020
Orthopaedic and Surgical SpecialtiesA-Block Level 5K-Block Level 9 East (K9E)7 May 2020
General and Respiratory MedicineJ-Block Level 2K-Block Level 10 West (K10W)13 May 2020
NeurosurgeryH-Block Level 1K-Block Level 8 West (K8W)14 May 2020
Allied TherapyNewK-Block Level 2 East (K2E)18 May 2020
ChildrensA-Block Level 3K-Block Level 6 East (K6E)20 May 2020
AdolescentsNewK-Block Level 6 West (K6W)20 May 2020
Transition to HomeC-Block Level 3K-Block Level 6 West (K6W)20 May 2020
Special Care Nursery in Neonatal and
Paediatric Intensive Care
D-Block Level 3K-Block Level 8 East (K8E)26 May 2020
Pregnancy Assessment and BirthingD-Block Level 3K-Block Level 7 East (K7E)27 May 2020
Maternity and Women's SurgicalD-Block Level 3K-Block Level 7 West (K7W)27 May 2020
Central Sterilsing Department D-Block Level 4K-Block Level 5 West (K5W)16-17 June 2020
Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU)D-Block Level 4K-Block Level 4 West (K4W)16 June 2020
Holding BayD-Block Level 4K-Block Level 4 West (K4W)17 June 2020
Operating TheatresNewK-Block Level 4 East (K4E)18 June 2020
Short Stay Surgery NewK-Block Level 4 West (K4W)23 June 2020
Mental Health InpatientsJ-Block Level 2K-Block Level 2 West (K2W) 
Mental Health InpatientsJ-Block Level 3K-Block Level 3 West (K3W) 
Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive
Care Unit
D-Block Level 3K-Block Level 8 East (K8E) 
Loading DockCollins StreetK-Block Lower Ground