What Services are Moving?

RHH main entrance

Many of the Royal Hobart Hospital’s wards and services will move into new accommodation in K-Block shortly.

Patient safety and comfort remains our priority as we plan the moves of services into
K-Block and the commissioning of areas such as theatres, the helipad and hyperbaric chamber.

The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) and the RHH Redevelopment project are working together on move dates and sequences. More information will be available here.

ServiceFormer LocationNew LocationStart Date
Loading DockCollins StreetK-Block Lower Ground 
Patient AdmissionsC-Block Level 1K-Block Ground Floor 
General and Respiratory MedicineJ-Block Level 2K-Block Level 10 (K10) 
Transit Lounge H-Block Lower GroundK-Block Ground Floor 
Mental Health InpatientsJ-Block Level 2K-Block Level 2 (K2W) 
Mental Health InpatientsJ-Block Level 3K-Block Level 3 (K3W) 
Orthopaedic and Surgical SpecialtiesA-Block Level 5K-Block Level 9 (K9E) 
General and Vascular SurgeryA-Block Level 2K-Block Level 9 (K9W) 
Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive CareD-Block Level 3K-Block Level 8 (K8E) 
NeurosurgeryH-Block Level 1K-Block Level 8 (K8W) 
Pregnancy Assessment and BirthingD-Block Level 3K-Block Level 7 (K7E) 
Maternity and Women's Surgical D-Block Level 3K-Block Level 7 (K7W)
ChildrensA-Block Level 3K-Block Level 6 (K6E) 
AdolescentsNewK-Block Level 6 (K6W) 
Transition to HomeC-Block Level 3K-Block Level 6 (K6W) 
Central Sterilsing Department D-Block Level K-Block Level 5 (K5W) 
Operating TheatresNewK-Block Level 4 
Divining and Hyperbaric MedicineF-Block Ground FloorK-Block Level 3 (K3E) 
Allied TherapyNewK-Block Level 2 (K2E) 

RHH Redevelopment Map - for detailed access information please contact the RHH reception 6166 8308

More on the Decanting Strategy

Relocating services is not an unusual business requirement of hospital management however the decanting required to build K-Block is more detailed. This is because of the number and sequencing of moves, and the breadth of refurbishments necessary including the removal of hazardous materials. Additionally, it has occured on an operational hospital site.

A critical feature of the decanting strategy was the construction of a 3 000 m², temporary inpatient building in the Liverpool Street forecourt above the main entrance and drop-off point of the RHH (see below).

This has allowed key acute services - mental health patients and medicine - to remain onsite, negating the significant clinical risk associated with moving these patients offsite.

It also required the relocation of the acute rehabilitation unit to the Peacock Building at the Repatriation Centre, Davey Street,Hobart.

RHH with temporary facility above the Liverpool Street forecourt

The facility has access directly into C-Block at levels 2 and 3 enabling lift access to the emergency department and other clinical services.

Read more about the temporary Liverpool Street forecourt facility.