Changes to RHH Access

C-Block Notice

There are now a number of changes to access on levels 2, 3 and 4 of C-Block. 

There is no thoroughfare on levels 3 and 4 between C-Block and A-Block. Please use the ground floor or level 1 to get between C and A-Blocks. 

Level 2 of C-Block is also closed on the H-Block/Wellington air bridge side. If you want to get to areas of the Royal from H-Block or the Wellington air bridge, please also use the ground floor or level 1.

These changes will be in place for the duration of refurbishment works.


A number of refurbishment works will commence in A-Block shortly. This includes on level 9 which will become inpatient oncology, level 5 which will accommodate orthopaedic inpatients and the basement where iodine tanks will be relocated.

This will significantly increase the traffic of construction personnel and materials through A-Block. Three lifts are available to the public and staff in A-Block. One lift is being used by the Managing Contractor to transport personnel and materials.

18 Aug 2015