RHH Redevelopment Update

The size and complexity of the RHH Redevelopment cannot be underestimated. It is a massive undertaking that will continue to respond to challenges.

Two significant issues have emerged since the contracted date for practical completion and Guaranteed Construction Sum were finalised with the Managing Contractor and are being addressed. These are: (i) the need for substantial rectification works to the temporary inpatient facility; and (ii) the management of greater than anticipated asbestos containing material in the areas of the hospital being refurbished. Delays have resulted in relation to the temporary inpatient facility which is currently forecast for completion in October 2016. In addition, the handling of asbestos and rectification of fire separation deficiencies has impacted on the construction program to date, and is likely to further do so into the future. This in itself further supports the need to redevelop the RHH.

The rectification works to the temporary inpatient facility are the direct responsibility of the builder and do not change the contracted date for practical completion. These rectification works are being completed at no cost to the project and the latent conditions within the refurbishment works are being addressed within the project’s budget. The project remains on budget. As a result of the issues discussed above, it is now anticipated that K-Block will be completed mid-2019 unless the Managing Contractor is able to successfully program works to make up time and thereby reduce delays.

For more information - RHH Redevelopment Status Update, August 2016.

16 Aug 2016