The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) is being redeveloped to improve the delivery of healthcare for Tasmanians.

The $689 million redevelopment of the RHH is delivering a modern health facility for generations of Tasmanians to come. New facilities and services are already available. Find out more...

Improved facilities

The RHH Redevelopment is already improving facilities and services for Tasmanians.

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K Block

The new 10 storey inpatient precinct, known as K-Block, facing Campbell Street will assume a new place in Hobart's skyline.

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What services have moved?

Some RHH services have moved so we can build the new inpatient precinct known as K-Block.

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Supporting the economy

The Redevelopment of the Royal Hobart Hospital is creating jobs in Tasmania for Tasmanians.

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Latest announcements

Royal Hobart Hospital Site

Not sure where K-Block will be built? Have a look at the RHH site plan.

14 Dec 2016

Our Cranes Have Names!

The largest cranes to ever tower over Hobart’s skyline now have names thanks to 10-year-old South Primary School student, Liana Stubbs!

11 Sep 2017

RHH Redevelopment News - August 2017

RHH Redevelopment News - August 2017 is now available.

24 Aug 2017

Fairbrother Excellence on Redevelopment

Accolades for Redevelopment sub-contractor, Fairbrother, at this year's Master Builders Tasmania Awards.

22 Aug 2017

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